With strong positive economic growth in the ASEAN region, business expansion of Japanese companies into ASEAN region and; or strategic alliances between ASEAN companies and Japanese companies have become more evident.

YAMASHITA & ASSOCIATES is a M&A Consulting firm set-up in Singapore in May 2000. We are now one of the leading pioneer M&A consulting firms in Asia Pacific with offices in Singapore and Tokyo. Each of our core consultants has more than 20 years of M&A consulting experiences.


Having forged successful deals between major ASEAN and Japanese companies since its establishment, we persevere to provide professional and timely consulting services; from the formulation of M&A strategies, the identification of potential partners and negotiation to the execution of M & A deals and Strategic Alliances to our valuable ASEAN and Japanese clients.


With our proven records, extensive networks and in-depth knowledge, we continue to excel in our business performance; contributing to the successful business expansion of ASEAN and Japanese companies through M & A and Strategic Alliances.