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Elway And Terrell Receive Cash

The NFL has ordered Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen to pay $22 million to cover part of the deferred salaries of running back Terrell Davis and former quarterback John Elway.

The decision by commissioner Paul Tagliabue resolves a nearly year Bivirkninger long dispute over whether the Broncos could pay the amount whenever they wanted.

Tagliabue ruled last week that 75 "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" percent of nearly $30 million "büyüme hormonu eczane fiyatı" in deferred money in the contracts of Davis and Elway had to be funded immediately, not according to the players' demand, as the Broncos had maintained. Davis was paid $9 million; Elway got the rest.

NFL rules Comprar Levitra state that any player salary greater than Comprar Gh Jintropin $1 million that is deferred more than a year must be funded immediately. The rule is meant to prevent teams from deferring too many salaries, then running out of money when it came time to pay.

The decision could have salary cap implications for the Broncos, though Bowlen said it will not affect the team's Oral Steroids Risks ability to give a multimillion dollar signing bonus to its No. 1 pick in the April 15 16 draft.

"We knew that we could have to pay that money at any particular point in time, so we had it," Bowlen said. "It wasn't like we had to go out and get it. But we were asked for it one Friday, and we funded it the next Monday or Tuesday. It was just a question of who should be holding the money."

The Broncos' restructuring of Elway's contract had given Mesterolone Tablet Brands In India the team short term salary cap relief, but it added to the Masteron Female Dosage money the team owed him after he retired.